The 6 Best RV Cabinet Latches of 2020

Posted on September 18, 2020 by Daniel Renfro in Maintenance

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Introduction to RV Cabinet Latches

Finding a good cabinet latch can prove to be quite a difficult task. The amount of options that are available on the market these days can make the idea of shopping for a cabinet latch for your RV daunting. There are so many potential choices that you can feel swamped and overwhelmed when you’re faced with a choice. This article is designed to help you with that problem. This article will serve as a guide to help you navigate through the best rv cabinet latches available on the market and help you to make a confident decision.

In this article, we will be arming you with all the relevant information about cabinet latches and we will be enlightening you on the best brands, the types of cabinet latches and factors that you should consider when choosing a cabinet latch to buy. By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll be able to make an informed decision when buying a cabinet latch for your RV.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying an RV Cabinet Latch


RV cabinet latches are rarely expensive, so you might be wondering why we’re dedicating a whole subsection to it. Well, RV cabinet latches are best bought in bulk. This is why the cost matters, when you’re buying in bulk you’ll want to go for an affordably option while still making sure you’re choosing a quality product. You should also know how many latches you’ll need before you attempt to purchase anything. This will make sure you don’t spend too much money. Make a budget and stick to it.


Installing a latch can be tricky and frustrating if you buy the wrong product. You don’t want to buy a latch that will take forever to install, you’ll want one that you can install without wasting time or effort.

Your best bet would be to go for a product that uses a magnet or an adhesive. These types of products don’t require any drilling. You should do well to stay away from any products that require drilling in the installation process. Drilling can have the effect of ruining your cabinet’s surface. Make sure you read the customer reviews to get an idea of how easy the installation process is… or how difficult.


Durability is a very important factor to consider. Nobody wants to purchase a product that will end up not being durable. To be able to tell if a product is durable, read as many customer reviews as you can.

Customer reviews are an often overlooked but extremely important source of information to look through before purchasing a product. No manufacturer is going to tell you that their product is bad, this is why you should read customer reviews. Customers do not have any personal interest in the company and will always give honest reviews of products they’ve used.

Do They Work for Drawers, Cabinet or Both?

The best cabinet latches are versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. A versatile cabinet latch can be used for drawers as well as for cabinets. Adhesive mounted cabinet locks tend to be the most versatile because they are capable of bending around corners to lock different types of appliances.

When Installed Does the Latch Take up Cabinet Space and Get in the Way?

This might seem like an unimportant detail but it matters. You don’t want a cabinet latch that gets in the way and takes up too space.

Does the Latch Need a Key?

Another important factor to consider, is the RV cabinet latch’s locking mechanism. You’ll need to make sure the lock you choose is easy to unlock. Once again you’ll need to rely on customer reviews.

Types of Cabinet Latching Mechanisms

Magnetic Latches

Magnetic cabinet latches are arguably the most popular type of cabinet latch. Magnetic latches are great because they blend into the cabinet in a way that makes them less noticeable than other types of cabinet latches. This is the best type of latch for those who don’t want their latch to ruin the cabinet’s exterior.

Magnetic latches are installed inside the cabinet door. You can choose to install them at any part you want, depending on what you personally prefer. You can install a magnetic latch at the top, bottom, or side of the doors inside. Some magnetic latches need hardware installation while others only need tape to be set up.

Magnetic latches are also useful because they don’t have a gap between them and the door. This prevents your hands or fingers from getting pinched.

However, magnetic locks are only opened by a key, so this might be a no-no for people who tend to misplace things.

Ball Catch Latches

Ball catches are a less popular but very convenient and easy to use type of latch. They allow your cabinet door to swing in either direction. This means you won’t have to twist a knob to open your cabinet. Ball catches are convenient to install and easy to use.

Push-Button Latches

Pushbutton locks are robust, all-mechanical locks offering the dependability and convenience of key-less access control for a wide and continually expanding range of applications. Each model operates with an entry code that is set when the lock is installed. Codes can be reset in seconds, without removing the unit from the door.

Economically designed to provide effective and efficient access for authorized persons only – in offices, warehouses, on storerooms, locker rooms, cabinets, garages, caravans, sheds, gates, at home, almost anywhere – without the inconvenience of keys.

Pushbutton locks only work when the right buttons are pushed in the proper sequence. You can always set a new combination whenever you desire. You can press the buttons individually or in unison. There are thousands of possible combinations to choose from so you can choose a code and feel safe about it.

They are very easy to use and reduce hassle. You don’t need any keys and won’t have to worry about replacing keys.

Keylocking Latches

Key locking latches are latches that are operated using keys. These are very popular, although their popularity has dwindled in recent times. Key locking latches are very simple and easy to use. They however have a few disadvantages, such as the possibility of losing your key. You’ll need to have several spare keys around in case you lose a key or damage it.

Adhesive Latches

If you don’t like the idea of drilling into your cabinets, getting an adhesive mounted cabinet lock would be a smart decision. Adhesive latches are installed using adhesive, which means you don’t need to do any drilling.

Another advantage of an adhesive lock is that they can easily be removed. This is because these products have a strap in the middle, which allows them to be adjustable. These straps will have an anchor point on either end that a person will use to stick on the intended surface of an item you need locked.

In a lot of cases, these straps are flexible enough to bend around corners. This feature is uncommon with other types of latches. For instance, these locks have proven useful to lock appliances like microwaves.

The versatility provided by these types of locks is also a great advantage. An adhesive mounted lock doesn’t have to be used only inside your rig’s kitchen. You can use it anywhere in your RV without any problems.

The main problem with adhesive mounted latches is that some options don’t come with a reliable adhesive. Before you buy this type of lock, you have to ensure it comes with a strong adhesive.

The best way to determine whether the adhesive is strong is to read the customer reviews.

What is an RV Cabinet Latch?

RVs and motorhomes have made traveling by road a comfortable and even homely experience. Being able to literally feel at home in your vehicle is a privilege that should be enjoyed to the fullest. To say that RVs have revolutionized the way people travel would be an understatement.

One of the components of camper life that people often ignore is the cabinet latch. They are often not appreciated but they are absolutely important. Without cabinet latches, your cabinets would be opening randomly and your well organized items would fly out at every speed bump.

How these cabinet latches work depends completely on the type of cabinet lock and its design. They all have the same function and the same principle, but they have different approaches to the same task.

All cabinet latches come with a base and a striker plate. The base and the striker plate work together to keep your cabinet from opening at every speed bump or pothole.

You need an RV cabinet in order to prevent your belongings from flying out of the cabinets. Cabinet locks secure the items kept inside your cabinets, items such as dishes, silverware, food etc.

Also, there are certain items that need to be locked up and kept away from the reach of children or even pets. RV cabinet locks help to keep such dangerous items in a safe place away from their access.

How To Install an RV Cabinet Latch

Installing your RV cabinet lock is not difficult, it is quite easy and you do not need many materials to do it. You just need:

  • a screwdriver
  • your electric drill
  • a tape measure
  • and a pencil.

First, make sure that both these parts are well aligned and connect when the cabinet door closes. If you don’t make sure of this, you will just waste your time and effort. Mark these places using your pencil.

Use your drill to make a shallow hole in the places with pencil marks. Then screw the parts on with your screwdriver. You should not use your drill, it is not recommended for this part since you can risk stripping the screws out of the wood.

When you’re done, check to make sure the cabinet latch works. If you’re having a hard time opening it, then you might need to adjust and loosen the screws.

What Types of RV Cabinet Latches Can be Installed Without Damaging My Cabinets?

The best RV cabinet latch to install without damaging your cabinet is the adhesive mounted cabinet lock.

If you don’t want to drill into your cabinets, you should definitely get an adhesive mounted cabinet lock. People also love that these locks are easily removable. This ability comes from these products having a strap in the middle, which often ends up being adjustable. These straps will have an anchor point on either end that a person will use to stick on the intended surface of an item you need locked.

You should take advantage of the versatility provided by these types of locks. An adhesive mounted lock doesn’t have to be restricted to being an item that used inside your rig’s kitchen. You can use all over your RV.

The only problem is that some options won’t come with a strong adhesive. It’s something a person looking to buy this type of lock will have to study carefully. You should watch out for adhesive that might pull off the cabinet’s stain or paint.

To make sure the adhesive for the product you’ve decided to purchase isn’t weak, you should read the buyer reviews for each product.


Choosing a cabinet latch to buy might seem like a simple decision but it really isn’t. there are several factors to consider and the cabinet latch you choose depends entirely on you, your RV and whether or not there will be children or pets traveling with you. Regardless of your circumstances you should consider all the above mentioned factors and read buyer reviews to make a solid and well informed decision.